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UT Knoxville Beamer Theme

The University does a good job of maintaining templates to promote the UT brand. For example, there is a good PowerPoint template downloadable from that site. They don't provide anything for those of us who like to generate slides in LaTeX/beamer, though. Thus for my lecture slides I created a beamer theme that is a copycat of the UT PowerPoint template. A sample is below.

Example of UT Knoxville beamer theme

You can download all the files you need to install and use the theme in one zip-file HERE.

Alternatively you can download them individually. Instructions are available from README.txt. Don't skip the readme file, it helps with the installation. The beamer theme itself is called beamerthemeutk.sty. You will need to download both utkbeamerbottom.png and utkbeamerfront.png, and place them in the same folder as your presentation. For example code and output, see example_slides.tex and example_slides.pdf.


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