An Awfully Deep Theological Thesis on Groundhog Day

On the way to my final exam in moral theology a stray thought crept into my head. It’s been a while since I have watched Groundhog Day so please remember I am working here from memory and I might want to take this back when I give it another goo and in that case you must never talk of this again.

But, Groundhog Day is the definitive Christian, even better, Biblical comedy.

I’ve probably made you like this wonderfully likable film just a little bit less as a result of that mere sentence but hear me out.

In Groundhog Day, Phil spends an eternity trying to achieve enlightenment. When he achieves it, he is rewarded with an escape back into the *real world*.

Most of our culture sees enlightenment as something that bring you escape from this world. Groundhog Day sees it as an escape into this world.

Within the film, the cosmic response to perfection is the resumption of everyday, ordinary, terrestrial life… only seen through entirely new eyes that are able to love. In other words, Groundhog Day is the wittiest introduction to the Gospel of John that you can ever find!

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