Why Do My PhD?

So I am now, slowly, ever so slowly, settling into life in Scotland. Unfortunately, I am not settling in as slowly as the bureaucracy moves here. That the UK ever had a globe-transcending empire is astonishing to me, as I sit and wait to be gouged with paper, inexplicable delays and creative charges at the next basic step required to move my life from one EU nation to a neighbouring EU nation.

Today I have broadband in my house. This is obviously a big deal and I am slowly working through my email from back at the end of July. My friend Meaigs sent me this link to a video. She passed it on because she knows that I enjoy the philosophical wanderings of the Slovenian philosopher, genius and charlatan Slavoj Zizek. She also knows I also enjoy movies and watch many of them but none of them compare to Jurassic Park, which is the greatest movie of all. Finally, she sent me this video because it is about capitalism.

And capitalism is, after all, what I am in Scotland to study. So I hereby encourage you to consider this video, about Jurassic Park, Zizek and capitalism.

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  1. T’was the same when I moved from norn iron to Ireland. You can’t get one bit of paper till you get another bit of paper, and you can’t get the other bit till you’ve got the first bit. Luckily I was marrying someone who lived here already!

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