How Much Is Money Worth?

Writing in 1966, as a “young, white, Anglo-Saxon, Episcopalian, Harvard attorney”, William Stringfellow proposes that the issue of Christians and money has been settled for us for a great number of centuries now. He writes:

Jesus admonished the rich young man who sought justification to dispose of what he had and give it to the poor and thereby follow Christ. Is that warning now forgotten?
Jesus purified the temple when it had become a haven for thieves. Is that no precedent for the Church?
Jesus was nursed in a shed, did not follow the occupation of his father Joseph but became an itinerant, had no place to sleep, sought out the poor and disadvantaged, and blessed them many times and in many ways. He was seldom welcomed among the affluent; by all accounts He was poor Himself in every worldly sense, and declared that money belongs to Caesar. Where the Church and the people of the Church forsake His poverty, is not Christ thereby foresworn?
Although money and the property which money begets accomplishes, in America, fabulous and terrifying feats, no camel has yet passed through the eye of a needle.
After all, the price, in money, of the life of Christ was thirty coins.

– William Stringfellow, Dissenter in a Great Society, 35.

How much is money worth? Judging from the price paid for God, it is over-valued.

What does the marketplace tell you to do when your asset is over-valued?

Your Correspondent, Goes to sell everything, but giving the proceeds to Apple