On Theology That Is Funny


Is it enough that our theology is true? We’re meant to speak the truth in love, and we love to see the people we love laugh.

This gem is from Hauerwas and Willimon’s The Truth About God, page 89.

Your Correspondent, Is sorry for that time he tried to make gravy in the bathtub

One Reply to “On Theology That Is Funny”

  1. Fair to say that the humourlessness of modern theology is a consequence of its being done within an academic context that gives no marks for humour? “Be funny” is never on the list of what’s expected of academic essays!

    Speaking of the big, bad academy, thanks for reminding of the most important theological contribution made by Tertullian: he was really funny! I remember laughing out loud numerous times while reading his work for my dissertation. For all of Maximus the Confessor’s brilliance, the jokes just aren’t there.

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