Announcement: Public event based around my research

In Maynooth on Sunday June 26 at 1pm I will be doing something I’ve never done before: trying to explain the last three years of reading and thinking and writing in a way that doesn’t require footnotes.

Basically, I have been invited by the church I used to work for, the Presbyterian Church in Maynooth, to give an introduction to the theology of wealth. I will be road-testing a theory I have about how to explain my academic research in ways that are accessible and meaningful and helpful. Invariably, it will be a horrendous mess and the people who take the time to attend will remember it only for comedic value.

Without giving the game away, I think that the only hope that wealthy western Christians have is prayer.

Please feel free to come along; I’d love to see you and I would really appreciate your feedback. The location details are here.

Now, I am going to go meet Ben Folds.

Your Correspondent, Actually is going to meet Ben Folds right now.

4 Replies to “Announcement: Public event based around my research”

  1. Just to check, is this as part of the service in the morning or is it at another time?

  2. Any chance of a summary for those in another country unable to attend? 🙂 I’ve been doing some college assignments on wealth and greed. I’d really like to hear your thoughts.

  3. Hey Alan,

    I am preaching at the morning service but this event is at 1pm, meaning that you don’t have to bundle church in to get the stuff about Mammon.


    I can’t really do a big summary because aspects of my PhD thesis have to be entirely unpublished before I actually submit. I would be infuriated if the Turnitin algorithm declared that I was an auto-plagiarist – which is a real concern.

    But when I start blogging again in August, I will do a piece on five books that I think are really good on the topic. How’s that for a compromise?

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